Neighbourhood Info

Get to know the different areas of Amsterdam to help narrow down where you fit in the city. The descriptions of different neighborhoods below are written by people who have lived, worked and studied there. This section will be continuously updated to provide the most trustworthy and reliable information. Future plans include user photo galleries and community forums where real people can post about real experiences. All neighborhood information includes:

Housing options

Links to our in-built Find A Room page, where users can post rooms/apartments for rent or sale. All information on this page will verified and moderated by the Flat Genie team in the future. Incl. info: location, floor size and a short description.


Area/neighbourhood populations, crime data and available housing information from the census and the official housing corporation websites of DUWO, De Key and Ymere. All travel distances were sourced with Google Maps.

Sports facilities

Gyms, fitness centers, sports clubs, Yoga centres, Kung-Fu classes and more, sourced and cross-checked with the Yelp and Foursquare social rating platforms.

green areas

Parks, woods, public/botanic gardens and places for a picnic during a sunny day were discovered through Google Maps and the Iamsterdam website.

Places to eat

Trendy cafés, good value restaurants & cheap snacks sourced and cross-checked with Yelp, Foursquare and Trip Advisor. Including an extra addition of our personal favourites!


The best cocktails, local bars, breweries, good clubs, music venues and the best nightlife sourced and cross-checked with Yelp, Foursquare and Resident Advisor.

What else we offer

Flat Genie is a place to find accurate, personal, and easy-to-use information about housing in Amsterdam (and around the world). There are three main ways to find out about living in the city:

  • Interactive Map

    Interactive Map

    Our map is an innovative and fun way to learn about where to live in Amsterdam. The neighborhood layer shows a beautiful map of the city. The map is a great way to explore before you arrive.

  • Resources


    An easy-to-navigate collection of resources about housing and other practical matters. Drawn from government agencies, corporate entities, and personal posts, the resources section provides trustworthy information.

  • App


    Experience an innovative way of digitally exploring and learning about a city. Use interactive tools such as preference settings, location data, and overlays to create a map designed for you.