Interactive Map

Our map is an innovative examples of biology lab reports and fun way to learn about where to live in Amsterdam. Check out the neighborhood layer to see a beautiful map of the city. The map check essay online is a great way to explore before you arrive.

Interactive map

What else we offer

Flat Genie is a place to find accurate, personal, and easy-to-use information about housing in Amsterdam (and around the world). There are three main ways to find out about living in the city:

  • Neighbourhood Info

    Neighbourhood Info

    It’s tough to get to know a new city. As students ourselves, we have experienced this first hand. This section provides neighbourhood information designed for students and young expats.

  • Resources


    An easy-to-navigate collection of resources about housing and other practical matters. Drawn from government agencies, corporate entities, and personal posts, the resources section provides trustworthy information.

  • App


    Experience an innovative way of digitally exploring and learning about a city. Use interactive tools such as preference settings, location data, and overlays to create a map designed for you.