What We Offer

Flat Genie is a place to find accurate, personal, and easy-to-use information about living in Amsterdam (and soon other cities). There are 3 main ways to find out about living in the city:

  • Neighbourhood Info

    Neighbourhood Info

    It’s tough to get to know a new city. As students ourselves, we have experienced this first hand. This section provides neighbourhood information designed for students and young expats.

  • Interactive Map

    Interactive Map

    Our map is an innovative and fun way to learn about where to live in Amsterdam. The neighborhood layer shows a beautiful map of the city. The map is a great way to explore before you arrive.

  • Resources


    An easy-to-navigate collection of resources about housing and other practical matters. Drawn from government agencies, corporate entities, and personal posts, the resources section provides trustworthy information.

Genie App

A clickable mock-up of an innovative way of digitally exploring and learning about a city. Soon to be released interactive tools such as preference settings, location data, and overlays to create a map designed for you.

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Why flat genie?

Here are some - the student write a particular paper responses to a survey we conducted about finding housing in Amsterdam and why a service like Flat Genie could be useful to the general public

  • General info about areas in a simple to use website would have helped!

    Response 3
  • I would like to have seen all information on a legit website beforehand, because researching the locations, prices and available houses apart from scammers and unreal postings,- was a mess.

    Response 2
  • Other information such as living situation, neighborhood and nightlife was missing.

    Response 1

Why you should trust us

Our Awesome Team

  • Andrea Fiorentini

    Andrea Fiorentini

    Hello everyone! I was born in Como, Italy and I studied Psychology at the University of Milano-Bicocca. In the meantime I kept cultivating my passion for building websites and SEO. My main contribution to this project was taking care of the website creation, especially the most technical aspects that required HTML and CSS.

  • Gustavo López

    Gustavo López

    I was born in São Paulo, I'm a journalist experienced in different fields, such as PR, Social Media and Events. Amsterdam is my 4th address around the world. My interests include writing (of course!), traveling, art, photograph, music and movies. In Flat Genie, my role is to research, read data and content writing. 

  • Nick Vieira

    Nick Vieira

    Hi guys! I was born in London and grew up in Lisbon, and I have a background in New Media, events and digital marketing. My interests range from music to surfing, film to hiking and graphic design to online blogging. I was in charge of the design for everything Flat Genie related, some website coding and general content management.

  • Philip Anderson

    Philip Anderson

    I was born in Boston, and studied public policy and international relations at Hobart College in New York. I am interested in global activist and tactical use of media. My other interests include internet anonymity, crypto-security, and how to bring their use to the the wider public. For the website I worked on content, maps, copy-editing, and the Genie app.

  • Joram Binsbergen

    Joram Binsbergen

    I was born in Amsterdam and have a background in communication and design. After my Bachelor, I started the master of New Media and Digital Culture at the UvA to broaden my theoretical horizon. For this project I developed the mockup application and data overlayers of the interactive maps.

  • Christoph Rauch

    Christoph Rauch

    I was born in Berlin, I have a background in music and online marketing. I am interested in SEO and strategic solutions,- came to Amsterdam for my master’s in New Media & Digital Culture. In this project, I was responsible for all the statistical data, social media and soundbranding.

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